Enjoy Flavor and Cut Back on Carbs

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Some dishes are impossible without the carbs. They require sugar and flour to work.  How can you possibly enjoy a cookie or pastry without carbs? Don’t tell me about soy flour.  I’ve tried.  It’s pretty gross.

When I’m making them at all I choose organic ingredients – so at least they’re real.  Sure, my weight probably will inch up on the scale the next day – but at least I’m not putting weird, fake stuff in my body.  Think about how often you buy a bag of sugar or flour.  Once every few months? Why not splurge just a little on the best.  After all, you’re only spending those extra $2-3 bucks or so a few times a year.

But some main dishes you can cut back on the carbs without cutting back on flavor.

Think about all the dishes that rely on pasta or rice to carry the sauce?  In and of themselves these carbs don’t add a lot of flavor in my humble opinion.  They’re a way of transporting the sauce so you have a plateful of food rather than a small bowl of soupy stuff.

Consider putting your Marinara Bolognese on top of steamed veggies – particularly broccoli.  You just ramped up the anti-oxidants and lowered the white carbs in the dish.  You won’t spike and crash your insulin and the sauce is just as tangy and tomato-y good with meat and a little grating of fresh Parmesan or Peccorino cheese.

If you’re a fan of Indian cooking twist things up a bit.  Instead of putting your curry (meaning: gravy) on top of rice pour out some bagged lettuce (the dark varieties pack the best nutritional punch) and put the curry on top.  My husband Ernie (originally from India) can’t bear to be without his rice – so I make the organic brown Basmati rice for him.  For me, I save a couple hundred calories and increase the anti-oxidants by putting it over the dark greens.

Another possibility – put your meat sauce or curry on top of quinoa. Pronounced: “keen-wa.”  It packs a protein-filled punch and it cooks up faster and easier than rice. Or, use quinoa as a substitute for pasta or rice in a hearty pot of soup that makes a great warm-you-up dinner as the temperatures dip.

Be open to the fact that these favorites won’t taste exactly the same with a new, healthier twist.  When you expect exactly the same flavor as the original – you’ll always feel you’re left holding the bag.  Let it be okay that it’s a little different.  In time you may decide that different is actually better.


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