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Cajun Salmon for Dinner

Salmon is a dish that’s a bit of a splurge – but we eat it anyway every couple weeks because we enjoy it so much and it’s so good for you.

Yesterday, I was having a day where I knew I’d be running around all afternoon and finally walk in the door by 6:00 pm.  So, getting dinner together quickly on those days is essential. Cajun Salmon is perfect.  Otherwise we’re either going out for a quick bite, or, not eating until almost 8:00 pm.

I make an effort to not eat anything after 7:00 pm.  It’s a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule – but many books on fitness and diet say generally speaking it’s a good idea to refrain from eating later in the evening.  I’ve even read some info that says finish eating by 6:00 pm. That’s probably not realistic for most folks.

Cajun Salmon is a satisfying entree that feels and tastes good almost anytime of year.  During the warm weather months I’m likely to make a quick, easy green salad and toss it with a little homemade vinaigrette.  Now that it’s cooler I serve salmon with a hot green veggie like roasted asparagus spears.  They cook at the same temperature in the oven.  So you can have both going at the same time.


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