Amazing Cranberry-Orange Sauce

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I learned how to make this Amazing Cranberry-Orange Sauce when I dated a guy who was an Executive Chef before meeting my husband, Ernie.  This guy was so good as a Chef he cooked for three US Presidents.  As outstanding as he was when it came to cooking he was not so hot as a boyfriend.

So, the relationship was short-lived.  But once it was over I took with me some great recipes like this one. I also took knowledge I never had about food and cooking before that you’ll see sneaking in my posts now and then.

Always look for the good in every experience even though at the time it may not seem like it’s so great.  There’s always a silver lining if you look for it.  Now, I’m so grateful for that experience because I finally came to the understanding that I deserved more. Deserved better.

A little over a year later I met Ernie and he has been the love of my life since the day we met in August 1997.

Some people go crazy for Cranberry Sauce. Others put a teaspoon on their plate during the big Thanksgiving feast and don’t even touch that.  This cranberry sauce has really clean, bright flavors.  Once you make it you’ll never want to go back to a can or another recipe again.  Just a note – the taste of orange isn’t overwhelming like some cranberry sauces I’ve had over the years. It’s more of a hint in the background.  The cranberries are definitely the star.

Here’s the recipe:


One bag of fresh cranberries

One cup of orange juice (I used Minute Maid from concentrate)

One cup of honey

a dash of Cardamom

Put cranberries, orange juice and honey in the pan and turn on medium heat. Heat until boiling. Turn down the heat to medium low. Let simmer for 45-60 minutes. By then all the cranberries will have popped and there will be sort of a foam on top for awhile.  Turn the heat off and let the cranberries sit on the stove to cool a bit.  The natural pectin in the cranberries will thicken the sauce.  While still warm stir in the Cardamom. Pour into a storage container and put in the refrigerator for at least a few hours for the flavors to come together.

This is one of those items on your holiday table that really is even better if you make it a day or two ahead of time.  It’s one more item off your list when you have so much to do and family milling all over your kitchen.  Relax and enjoy them knowing at least the cranberry sauce is delicious and done in advance.


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