What Happened for Me Today

November 13, 2010 at 10:28 pm Leave a comment

A number of things:

First, my husband Ernie and I went for a walk at gorgeous Pueblo Park. It was a sparkling morning of 50-something outside. It’s filled with trees, grass, chipmunks and mountains in the distance. What a great way to start the weekend. We talked, laughed and he gave me that look that made me fall in love 13 years ago.

Once we got home I made Texas Ranch Eggs for breakfast.  I took a picture and will share the recipe with all y’all soon. He ate ’em with enthusiasm. He gets a kick out eating everything I make for my blog and he also enjoys uploading my pictures.

Then I had a meeting with a woman who wanted to buy an hour of my consulting time (in my business I’m a Marketing Mentor for small and home-based business owners). She wanted me to show her how to do Facebook to maximize her time. We both had our laptops at Panera Bread. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember her Facebook password.

I asked if she really wanted to learn this.  People do the trickiest things to sabotage themselves.

She assured me that wasn’t the case.  I’m not so sure I’m convinced, but okay.

Then I drove across town to see a friend of mine at the cafe at Borders.  He’s a guy who was very successful in the past, but, has been through really rough times the last couple years. Currently, he’s renting a room, riding buses and been down to his last $10 more than once. He’s 55.  I’ve tried to stay one of a few friends that’ll hang in till he pulls through to the other side. A lot of people have abandoned him. Many more just plain don’t know his circumstances.

He’s feeling more hopeful lately but his finances haven’t turned around.  He’s a brilliant guy. I keep thinking he’ll eventually be a famous author or business titan and I’ll end up saying, “I knew him when…” Who knows for sure.

I picked up some carry-out on the way home for dinner for Ernie and I.  Took a picture of the food on the kitchen counter. (I’m debating whether I want to share it here or not.) We ate in bed happily while watching episodes of “House” on TV.

I’m so grateful for what I have. A husband I love with all my heart. A warm home. Good food in the frig. A dependable car. I know many people who’ve been through tough challenges the last couple years.  People who’ve lost homes, lost jobs or businesses and had to reinvent themselves. Most people I know stay hopeful no matter what.


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