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Red Cabbage and Apples

Winter arrived in Las Vegas this week. It was the end of summer less than a week ago – temps in the balmy eighties. Suddenly it was gusty, chilly, better pull-a-jacket-on-with-a sweater weather.  That’s how it happens around here.

After nine years in Las Vegas I’ve learned the drill.  It takes a long time to make the agonizingly slow descent from the scorching, oppressive, make-you-want-to-cry 110 degree heat in August, to the cooler but still summery October.

Yesterday I wanted hot cocoa. I wanted my coziest, ugliest chenille sweater and a good, engrossing book.  Instead I had meetings with two mentoring clients and a prospective client.

Plus, our carpet was cleaned. So, at 7:00 am, Ernie and I had to move furniture. Almost everything had to be up off the floor. My leather office chairs were in the bathroom. The dining table was in the kitchen. The side tables were on top of our bed. The carpet looks great, though.  We’re ready for the holidays. The Christmas tree will go up next weekend.

Today, I intend to tuck into a good book underneath a cuddly afghan.

This time of year we want hearty, rib-sticking foods that make us feel nurtured. Even here in Vegas But we don’t want to pack on pounds. Because after the holidays we’ll set New Years Resolutions to lose those same pounds. As a result my favorite mashed potato recipes (I’ve got some good ones) will have to wait.



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Turkey Chili w/ Tri-color Beans

There’s nothing that quite warms the cockles of your heart like a gorgeous bowl of chili.  I’ve been excited about making and eating hearty soups since our temps here in Vegas dropped into what’s probably considered balmy for most folks but chilly by our standards.  After all, it’s over 100 degrees for about four months of the year.
This recipe originated from but I made a few changes.  Their version was all white cannelini beans – I mixed it up a bit.  Their version called for beef broth – I used a combination of white wine and chicken broth.  I also had about four ounces of smoked chicken sausage left over from the Carmelized Onion Pizza so I tossed it in to add a little bit of smoky flavor. You could do the same with cooked, crumbled up bacon if you’d like. Or not.

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