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Opa!!!! Greek-style Pizza

If you know anything about Greek food you know pizza really isn’t a Greek thing.  But who can resist some of the flavors of Greece – lamb, oregano, feta cheese, spinach and red onions on a pizza.  Okay, okay – I know it’s not authentic.  But believe me, if you like the flavors of Greece you will enjoy this. And pizza is always fun, right?

I think of pizza as one of those foods you whip together when you don’t really want to cook too much.  That’s why I use the Boboli crust.  I’m sure there are great cooks out there who feel using a Boboli for anything is an abomination.  And I believe 100 percent that that’s your opinion.  I beg to differ.

I know a homemade crust tastes better.  However, I’m not too into bread.  Yes, I had an ill-fated experience with a Brioche recipe I tried last week. But for the most part I don’t eat a lot of white flour as bread – so I just choose not to spend a lot of time cooking it.  Because if I cook it – I know I’m going to want to eat it.  You know how it is – if you cook it, you feel you have the “right” to eat it. Or, you somehow talk yourself into thinking it doesn’t have any calories.



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Carmelized Onion Pizza

Friday afternoon I was surfing and discovering different food blogs – just to get connected with the foodosphere out there.  I learned a lot and got some inspiration, too.

On a blog called “He Cooks – She Cooks” they shared a recipe for a pizza made predominantly with carmelized onions.  It sounded amazing and like something that would be just the ticket with a cup of tomato bisque for dinner.

I made a few changes and came up with a pizza reasonably close to the original version but slightly healthier and easier.  A friend asked me how it turned out. I said it was so decadent it was like food porn.  Bown-chicka-chicka-bown-bown!


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