Are You an Adventurous Foodie?

Food can be merely sustenance or an adventure.  This is for those of us who enjoy the more interesting side of food and how it’s different from culture to culture – even from one small town to the next.

I want to discover the best apple pie and the best chai latte. I want to find the best pizza and the best recipe for chateaubriand.  The purpose of this blog is to take you on a sensory voyage. It’s not about the biggest pig-out or the hottest mouth-scorching peppers. That’s about crazy extremes – not the real pleasure of food.

It’s also not about creating new recipes everyday. I like to try new things as much as the next cook. However, I’m not going to try and cook something brand new constantly. I’ll share with you what I like and why I like it.  I’ll also give credit where due to my cookbooks or to the cooking websites I use as helpful resources.

What makes “The Adventurous Foodie” truly different is that I love sharing how foods vary from one region to another.  Take the simple turnover, for example. A pastry covering outside cradling something sweet or savory inside.  We don’t think much about these flaky offerings at the bakery in our neighborhood supermarket.  But consider in France they’re filled with apples. In northern Michigan they’re filled with cherries.  In Georgia they’re filled with peaches. In Maine they’re filled with blueberries.

In the Latin world they’re savories filled with meat, including ham and green olives called Empanadas.  In the mining towns of Wales they’re filled with ground beef, potatoes and rutabagas and called Pasties.  In Poland they’re filled with potatoes, onions and cheese, they’re boiled and called perogies. In Russia they’re filled with salmon and spinach and called Coulibiac. In India they’re filled with potatoes, lentils and peppercorns and called Samosas.  And, in Japan they’re filled with pork or chicken and called Pot Stickers.

So if you enjoy food, come with me on a culinary adventure around the world.  And the cool thing about it – you can travel thousands of miles or create your own excellent adventure right in your own kitchen.

Enjoy and dig in!

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  • 1. Mark  |  November 2, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Hi Denise.

    • 2. dmmfoodie  |  November 2, 2010 at 10:48 am

      Nice to have you here, Mark. 🙂


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